Hello April

17 days. This baby is due in 17 days and she cannot get here fast enough. I did spend about 2 hours in labor and delivery on Monday because baby girl had not been moving much. They monitored her heart and my contractions, which were about 5-7 minutes apart, but so mild I barely felt them. So, alas I am still with child.

The burning/pain beneath my right breast has increased and keeps me from sleeping, so I am also just plain exhausted. This last month and half of pregnancy has just been plain awful. And if one more person says I don;t look very pregnant or tells me to get all the sleep I can right now I may scream and attack. I can't sleep because of the pain, I may look small but I am uncomfortable and miserable and just want her out.

In other news, hubs and I started the slow process of getting our townhome ready to put on the market. We worked on refinishing our rooftop deck. We still have a long way to go, but our little deckhand Chloe sure enjoyed the sun.