Today's Post is Brought to you by the Letter E.

It's such a strange feeling to sit here and type this at 10pm on a Monday night while watching my sweet newborn swinging away just feet from me. She is a week and a half old and came in like a lion.

As most of you know, I work an hour from home, in Dallas. So, last Wednesday I began working from home so I would be closer to the hospital in the event Evie arrived. I was also so uncomfortable and the commute made my Braxton Hicks worse, so work from home it was. Wednesday went well and the pups sure enjoyed the frequent walks they got as mommy tried to relieve discomfort and get Evelyn to come down.

Thursday  I woke up with the sun and began doing some tasks at work, ya know normal lawyer stuff like drafting discovery, returning client calls, etc... I also talked with one of the associated in our Philly office for a while on drafting jury instructions in Texas. She joked with me about things not to do so jump start labor (she is preggo with her 4th) and I told her I would be sure to send pics. It's funny, I googled signs or labor, and even googled whats is like for your water to brake.

I ate some lunch at noon and then took the pups out for a walk. I had just used the bathroom, so when I walked outside and felt a small trickle, I was embarrassed. I brushed it ff and started on our walk. However, my belly starting feeling heavy. We rounded the corner and were back in front of our steps when bam. The flood gates opened and right there on the steps my water broke.

I quickly got up inside and waddled to the bathroom. I called J and told him the news. He dropped everything and was on his way home. Meanwhile, I panicked. I was home alone and not sure what to do. I finally got upstairs to the master bath and waited for J. Meanwhile, I called my brother just to calm me down. I then let my office know and J arrived. We finished packing our bags, I brushed my teeth, put my hair up and called the dog sitter.

We arrived at the hospital at 1:30 and were immediately admitted. It hit me. There I was, blue gown, hospital bed, heartbeat monitor, contraction monitor and husband. Our sweet nurse Lindsey started a pitocin drip since I was barely dilated. We called our parents and my godparents and settled in ready to have a baby. We thought, April 9th sounds like a good day for a baby.

To be continued...
LMWEvelyn, baby