And then it happened

Hello all. I know this is a little late in the morning, but I am here. I wish I had exciting things to report about my Memorial Day weekend, but alas it rained... again. We did get some lunch at the country club yesterday with Miss V and Uncle D, but it was way too cold for little miss to try out her swimsuit. We made it home just in time for the storms.

However, we did have some wins for the weekend:

1. Evie napped in her crib twice this weekend! Slow transition to follow.

2. She slept 8 hours last night. New moms know this is a win. She woke twice for small feeding and then went right back down. Funny that Daddy didn't notice, while mom was wide awake anticipating the cry for 2am milk... Oh well, at least two people had a full night's rest.

3. We bought a house! Bigger, better, cute neighborhood and just enough yard for the pups.

Promise more to come on the house.