It hit me right there as I was sitting in my car today, waiting to go into the grocery store. I was sitting there in the pouring rain, bags under my eyes, tears streaming down my face, and I was throwing myself a pity party--for one.

And then my cell phone dinged and I saw a text message. It was from one of my dear friends who is also a mother to a newborn, who happens to be just one day younger than my Evie. It was a Mama vent. And that text message was just what I needed. In that moment, the tears stopped and my party ended and I laughed. In that moment I felt normal. She was having the same thoughts, worried, woes and problems as me. She put the words I had in my head and said them back to me. In that moment, she made me realize how blessed I am. Blessed to have this wonderful friend who is honest, open and not afraid to be there for me because she knows I am there for her. And it made me think of the other wonderful friends I have and how much they have been there for me and J this past month. They have answered texts and calls, come over in the rain to rock my baby while I slept, made meals to nourish my body, and prayed over my family every day.

It made my frustration over my MIL melt away and made me so thankful I have a MIL who wants to be there for me and rock my fuzzy, gassy baby so I could grocery shop and go the gym. I was thankful in that moment for my own mom who allows me to call her in tears at all end hours of the night, and for V who loves my sweet E like she were her own flesh and blood.

So, I sent some messages back and forth with my wonderful friend and then wiped my tears, took a deep breath and prayed. I prayed for her and her family, for my sweet baby, for my husband, and then I thanked God for allowing me see through the storm (literally) and see the light.

Moral of this story, be kind to your girlfriends. Support them no matter what. Be vulnerable with them and allow yourself to be fulfilled with grace. So, thank you Jessica. Thank you for sharing in the Mama moments with me and for being a true friend. Thank you for the love, support, advice and the sharing of prayers for each other.