One Month

Yesterday was more than my first Mother's Day, it was Evie's 1 month birthday! Yes, she is already one month old. Where did that month go?

This month has been rough on Mommy and Daddy. We are both still adjusting to having another person in our home. You are totally formula fed and will take between 3 and 4 ounces every 3 hours. Sometimes, when you are really hungry, you can down 5 ounces pretty quickly. Other than that, you like to take your time when eating and "meals" last between 30 to 50 minutes. While this is ok during the day, Mommy almost falls asleep during our nightly feedings.

Speaking of nights, you are sleeping 3-4 hours at night, but never more than 4 before you are awake and ready to eat. Its the getting you back to sleep that is the hard part. You just don't want to miss a thing, so after a feeding its another hour or so before you are finally back asleep. I admit, this is a bit of a struggle for Mommy as she is ready to be back asleep pronto.

You are sleeping either in your swing or rock 'n play right now because baby girl, you need to be moving 24/7. You love to be swaddled up and rocking, swinging, bopping, etc.... You are not one to like to lie flat. You still love to be swaddled and if one of your tiny hands creeps out you let us know.

You look so much like Daddy right now. Your dark hair is still full and seems to be holding steady. I do see  glints of gold in it sometimes so perhaps you will be blonde like Mommy yet. You are probably about 8 pounds now, but we won't know for sure until your 2 month appointment in June. You are still in newborn diapers, but that may change soon. You are also in  between clothing sizes. Your newborn pjs no longer fit, but most of the 0-3 months still swim on you. And bloomers, well let's say none of those fit, so we have not worn any of your cute dresses yet. You have the longest fingers and toes, but the squishiest cheeks. You are starting to fill out a bit, and Daddy says you have sushi arms (aka getting your rolls).

Evelyn Ray, we are trying so hard to be good parents, but its hard. Each day brings some new struggle. Mommy and Daddy love you to death, so just hang in there with us as we adjust and learn.

LMWEvelyn, monthly update