Randomness and Hi, I'm alive

You would think since I am home on maternity leave my blogging would be epic and on a roll... wrong on so many levels.

1. By the time I have time to blog I am either a) so tired I have no desire to type or b) just want to spend a little quiet time with the hubs.

2. My in-laws were here this past week. Yes, people who want to hold my child, love my child and give me a break... wrong on so  many levels. It was an epic fail of a visit. Talk about awkwardness, some hormonal induced yelling and major cold shoulder. #worstdaughterinlawever #poorhubby #justwantthemtolikeme

3. We are in the process of looking for a new house, preparing our townhouse to be sold and getting my house ready for new tenants. Let's just say when I'm not tending to Evie, I am either packing, house hunting, or doing some kind of DIY project at one of our houses.

4. I miss work. There I said it. I miss having somewhere and something to do everyday that requires me to shower, put on clothes and do my makeup. Oh, and adult conversation.

5. I am back at my pre-preggo weight and have been for couple weeks and wearing all pre-preggo clothes... but no way in heck will I be wearing anything that will bare my mid-drift any time... well ever. #flasbbyabs

6. I have no desire to shop. I mean I have no where to go right now and my baby could care less what I wear, so why shop? Nope, I am content to live in cutoff shorts and t-shirts.

7. My child manages to poop in public whenever she can, in places with less than ideal changing stations... i.e. dinner on Saturday night with my girlfriends in a restaurant that is in an old house.

8. Broke down and bought a Mamaroo... Yup, our swing we had made a horrible noise and just did not do it. So I took the Mamaroo plunge and let me tell you... worth it. Baby girl loves that thing awake, asleep... she digs it.

9. Mad Men series finale... SPOILER ALERT... also an epic fail... I mean what the fuddy duddy..... Don just sits there and meditates? Thanks writers. Thanks.

10. I promise someday to get back in the regular routine of blogging. Don't leave me readers!