Books Advice and Grasping for Straws

I have become that blogger who I did not want to become. You know the one who has a baby and now has nothing else to blog about.... Mostly because, well, I am home all day with her for 2 1/2 more weeks and I have not much else to talk about. And, I do not blog much because I am sleep deprived and willing to do anything. So, what does the educated woman in me do? Seek advice.

Yes, I have read more parenting, sleeping, coping books that I ever wanted to. I have sought more advice, help, and babysitters than probably needed. But hey, it can't hurt. I have gobbled up Happiest Baby on the Block and am now into On Becoming Babywise. I ask my pedi a zillion questions and have probably annoyed the daylights out of my brother's best friend aka the pedi nurse who answers all my crazy questions.

Oh, I also have tried or own almost ever swaddle imaginable, rocking baby device, and carrier/wrap. But when your 10 week hold just wants to be held, and by held, I mean standing up doing the jiggle/sway dance.... nothing else will do.

So... I am eliciting more advice for getting my sweet baby to sleep more than 4 hours at night. And going back to sleep after feeding. Because people, MAMA NEEDS SLEEP!