Baby Overload

I love my baby. I love her with all my heart. In fact, she has taken over our lives. Our entire schedule revolves around E. From dusk til dawn, well minus those hours while I escape to work, E is the focus our world. But let's be honest, I am on baby overload.

For the past three months I have eaten, slept, drank, and dreamed baby girl. Oh, I also packed, unpacked and am trying to get a new our in order. I also had to deal with my rental house and new tenants. So, honestly, I was ready to be back in the working world. Not so much for the work, but the chance to be totally focused on other peoples' needs for 8+ hours a day. Yes, I miss my baby, but let me tell you how nice it is to not have to manage her feedings, diapers and naps for once.

I also find it nice to have more around me than baby girl. I was never a person who overly posted by baby on facebook/instagram and for good reason. 1. Poor girl has no choice in what I post and someday may kill me that her entire life is open for the world to see. 2.  There are some seriously sick people out there who will steal her sweet picture and that well creeps me out. 3. I do not want to hear about every little thing your baby does either. I love hearing milestones and seeing monthly posts about your sweet little ones because let's face it, those things are huge! But you know those people who overly post about their children. I would never dream of posting every tiny thing E did everyday, it would annoy me let alone my friends. So, while I think everyone is entitled to post what they want on their own social media pages, I for one will not overload you with baby either, instead here are some of my favorite memes as of late, sent to me courtesy of my co-workers.