Down The Street

Yes, I now work down the street from where my baby goes to school. You heard me. I left my job, job that I loved last week due to a multitude of reasons, but one of them was the drive. I was barely seeing Evie and well my family was suffering. Now my commute is much less, to the tune of about 10 minutes, add in 10 more for dropping off baby at school and yup, we are down from 60 to 20 including drop off time. Everyone say amen!

And in other news.... we think we have a buyer for our townhouse. Hooray! That will solve a zillion problems and loosen up some cash for us, which we desperately  need at the moment because...

  • a pipe burst under my rent house last week, which flooded the crawl space and has ruined the subfloor (can we $$$)
  • I am waiting on the insurance company to decide what they will/will not cover (hello I will fight you to the death)
  • Sophie made an emergency visit to the puppy ER Saturday with a bad UTI and fever.
  • She was still depressed and not eating yesterday, so back she went for x-rays and a tummy utltrasound
  • Sophie is doing better, but my credit card is on fire.
  • J's company is laying people off left and right. Yeah, just what we need.
  • Evie is going to need a helmet/doc band to fix her noggin (can we say major flat spot)
  • insurance may or may not cover the $3500 custom accessory
  • With the new job, I have a gap between old insurance and new insurance.... cost of cobra to keep us insured for one month $2000.
So, pray for us and send me the seeds to a money tree if you have one. However, I will say despite all the setbacks, we are (for the most past except for one pup) healthy, happy and blessed beyond measure. As I told my husband, we are just having a large small downpour of bad luck.