Friday Favs!

It's Friday. I have survived my first week back to work, Evie has loved school and she is 3 months old today!

My sweet girl is growing like a weed! I swear she never misses a meal and sleeps like a champ. She is in all 3-6 month clothes and will outgrow some of them soon if she keeps growing like this. I admit it was so sad to pack away her newborn and 0-3 months stuff when we moved and not unpack it.

This little one continues to light up our lives. I cannot wait to see her awake for two whole days this weekend!! I miss seeing her giggles and laughs since I am gone for 12 hours a day. But, I know she is learning and growing and her teachers are taking great care of her, and so is daddy when he picks her up.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and send some prayers my way Monday. ( I will give you more details on the prayer request next week).
LMWEvelyn, monthly update