Monday Rant

I wish I had wonderful exciting thing to tell you all about from my weekend, but alas I do not. Instead I have a rant, so if you do not feel like hearing me vent, do not read on.

My weekend was going quite well for the most part other than a baby who is congested to the hilt and has a cough that she just hates, she now has awful diaper rash from the continuous BM's she is having and now cries because it hurts so much. I did manage to take her to my friend's for a bit Saturday and let her kick her little feet in the pool. Sunday would have been great other than waking up to a sick husband, a still sick baby, and a dog who refuse to use our new back yard. So up I go to tend to everyone. My mom came over so J and I could run a few errands and we decided to run by the rent house aka my old house I own, to pick up a rake so we can reseed our new backyard. Well, glad we did, as a pipe busted or came lose and the entire crawl space is flooded with hot water. And hot water is draining from the cleanout on the side of the house as well. My tenant were out of town so I went inside to check their things. Good part, no water inside, but all the hot water caused the wood floors to bow. So, we call the leasing company I use, and they send a plumber, i.e. $$$$ for emergency plumber. The plumber arrives, shuts off the hot water and the water and now has to pump all the water out of the crawl space before he can even assess the problem. FYI, it pumped all night and was still going this morning when I went to work.

End rant. Prayer please.