back in shape

If you have been around these parts for any amount of time or the previous parts, you know working out is a huge part of my life. Cue baby and all that went out the proverbial window. Well, most everything of any type of schedule went out the window when E came along. But low and behold, we are finally getting  back into some sort of schedule, which means getting  back on the workout track.

Before E, I was a 5 day a week workout girl. 30 minutes of cardio, abs and then weights. I was religious about it. I did my pre workout, had my post workout protein and watched everything I put into my mouth. Then I got preggo. I still worked out, but it was not the same. And then I hit 32 weeks and there went the workouts. I was just so tired.

So, when E came I was itching to get back in the gym. But I did not realize how hard it would be. First to find time, and second to actually get my body to work like it used to. Sure, the weight came right off due to lack of eating and constant walking and swaying with my bowling ball baby. But the muscle tone... eek... I was working out 2 times a week, but taking it slow. I found I could barely handle a 10 minute run. This from someone who ran 4 miles 3 times a week. I was out of breath and well, afraid I would not be able to hold things in, if you get my drift.

And then I went back to work. And there went workouts. I  had no time. Between driving, working and trying to be a mom, there was no time to workout. I missed a month.

So, now that I am back in Fort Worth and E is a tad more consistent on the sleeping (more on this later), J and I decided we needed to get back on track. I am back on morning workouts twice a week.

But let me tell you ladies, they just are not the same. I attempt 20 minutes of cardio and then hit the weights. But I feel so weak. My once curls with 15lbs are down to 10's and sometimes the 5's. Pull downs? Yeah measly weight of 45 instead of my 70. I do not even want to talk about what has happened to legs. I have not even attempted to squat or do the leg press yet.

I know it will take time and I need to allow myself to ease back into the routine, and I should just be proud I make it to the gym, but its hard. Maybe I need some new workout duds to get me in the mood, lol.

Either way, this is my public commitment to getting back in shape. I know I will never have the same body as I did before E, and I am ok with that. I just want to make it through more than 10 minutes of a run before I feel like dying (or peeing my pants.)

So, hats off to moms with find their way back to the body before baby or even workout at all after baby, its hard. And for those that don't, its ok too. We all make choices that are best for each of us. But for me, my day is just not complete until I have my endorphin kick from a good workout.
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