Flat Fixin

And its Monday again! Where did the weekend go? At our house, it went to helmet wearing, shopping and BFF visits.

So, Evelyn has a severe case of Plagiocephaly. Along with it came torticollis. It's been a lot to deal with, but all in all, its fixable. But, it means out precious angel will be adorning a DocBand for 6-9 weeks. Friday so received her custom made headgear and Saturday we got it all decorated. There is a wonderful organization in the DFW area called WrapBuddies. This non-profit decorates DocBands for free. I found a local wrap artist who partners with WrapBuddies since their wait list is rather long. Evie got a custom wrap Saturday.

Adorned by ladybugs, this girl is ready to rock her helmet. She had done quite well with it and other than it trapping in heat, she has slept in it and seems unphased. I am hoping these weeks go by quickly and when its all done, she has an even more gorgeous noggin to go with her personality.

On another Evie note, girl is still struggling with the sleep. Pretty much from about 3:45 on she is up and down and in and out of sleep. Help! When do I just bite the bullet and let her cry it out? Mama needs some sleep (and daddy too).

Saturday while her helmet got decorated, my mom and I and E hit up the outlet mall. We got some steals and deals for sweet Evie. I stocked up on 9 months (yes 9 months) clothes in the form of $6 pj's and onsies from Carter's, cute bibs from osh Koch b'gosh and the cutest swimsuit for next year from Janie & Jack. All I wanted was a pair of sandals, but alas there were none I liked. So J and I ran into DSW yesterday and I grabbed some on major sale (hello they have boots in stock. Did they miss that its still 100 here in Texas? and will be til um mid-October?).

Saturday evening  my BFF from law school arrived! We grabbed some dinner and headed to World of Beer to J could try something new (its kinda his thing and I love the atmosphere). We hung out til 11:30 and then headed home to bed.

Sunday was lounged around and got ready for the week. Well, we tried as again E was up from 3:45 on.

But I love these two anyway.

LMWevie, weekend update