Friday Fails

Oh hey it's Friday and the last one on August, say what? September is literally just around the weekend and I would like it to be accompanies by cooler temps. So, this Friday instead of Favorites, I bring you my Friday Fails. These are the highlights of my week:

1. Bows. Yes I have a baby girl. Yes she owns bows. No, she never wears them. First of all, she is sporting her way cool DocBand these days and well, no room for a bow. And no, I will not adorn said DocBand with a rather large bow. And lastly, said bow will make it all of 1.2 seconds at daycare. So.... even on weekends, no bow, cause we ain't going nowhere. #momfail #sorrynotsorry

2. Nails. I have been a habitual nail biter since well I can remember. I would literally bite my bails into the quick and they would bleed. I go through stages now where I will be mindful and let them grow. But, honestly, just never been into it. I used to have fake ones just to look presentable, but nowadays, just don't care. I do not have a stock pile a nail polish I use, unless I find the time to paint my toes.

3. Decorating. We have lived in the new house for almost 2 months and other than Evie's room, its still a hot mess. We have not hung a thing, the downstairs living room is naked and well until we sell the townhome and the rent house will remain so. But I got big plans people, BIG!

4. Dinner. I admit dinner is my job. I buy the stuff, plan what we will have and then life gets in the way and I find myself making risotto and steak at 8:45 p.m. True life people.

5. Blogging. I have been a bad blogger, commenter, etc... you get my drift. Finding the time to plan posts, take photos and heck even have anything other than my boring life to discuss has been a struggle. I mean I barely get laundry done let alone blog.

Happy Friday ya'll... the struggle is real, so let's all be real too! xoxo
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