It's Hot in Here

Good Monday  morning to ya! We survived another weekend here in the Sahara Desert Texas. We reached 106 today, no biggie. It was also Tax Free weekend here, so obviously I avoided any major store, i.e. Target. So, what did we do this weekend?

Friday we FaceTimed J's parents so they could see Evie. She was not in the best of moods, but we managed to get her quasi-happy for a little grandma/grandpa time.

Saturday was lazy for the most part other than running a couple of errands and picking up a few cute things with a gift card at Loft and some new bras. I have fluctuated so much in the past year that I think I should buy stock in Vicki S. Then we headed to Miss Vicki's and Uncle David's for a quick dinner and catch up time, since it had been a month since they had seen Miss E. V and I gabbed out Nationals (for twirling) and listened to E tell everyone what was on her mind. She has become a total motormouth the past few days and will talk your head off. Finally, the one things she has gotten from mommy!

He is less than thrilled to get is pic taken

Sunday, my mom had the 38 anniversary of her 29th birthday. So, we took GroRo ( grandma name for my mom) to brunch! She then headed home and J and I did some things around the house and tried the third baby tub in 3 weeks on Evie. I think we finally found one she likes. Just so you all know, we had the 4Moms infant tub and LOVE it, but baby girl outgrew it in length, so that is why I have been in search of a new one that Evie will tolerate. And, E turns 4 months tomorrow, so we are going to slowly introduce some solids. She has been having rice cereal in her night bottle, but this time we did a little banana rice cereal.

It was a hit. Next  up, actual bananas.

We ended our weekend with a little Air Disasters and leftover birthday cake.
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