My Former Self

I have found that my former self, aka BE (before Evie) was quite the life. I could come and go as I pleased, take an hour to get ready, enjoy my breakfast (eat breakfast), nap to Lifetime movies all Saturday long... you get my drift.
Now, life AE (after Evie) has shown me what true time management and planning is. I take 10-20 minutes to get ready; eat cereal sitting on the floor next to her; I eat every meal in 5-10 minutes  because a melt down is inevitable during meal time; we go to dinner with the old folks because E is fed, changed, and awake and happy; and Saturday naps are short lived.
We plan everything. From meal times, to nap times, to who is picking up and dropping off. We have even planned workouts around pick up/drop off. I plan bottles, outfits and diapers for each day. Meals are often planned but not cooked because by the time I get home and she is fed all I want to do is cuddle her or sleep.
Life is just different. Yes we love our sweet baby and would not change that for the world, but no one can prepare you or the vast changes in your life. J and I used to be 5 day a week gym people, as in we lived for the gym. Now, well I went for the first time on a month and J has been getting maybe 2 workouts in a week. So, now we have scheduled gym time and hopefully we can both get in 3 workouts a week. We can't just both go at the same time anymore since E is still little and heck to the no am I leaving her at the grimy gym daycare right now.
It seems the only time I am not planning or stressing about baby is at work. And then its only because I am in a hurry to get all the stuff done I need to, so I can leave and be home with.... the baby!
It amazes me how much planning it takes just to run to Target, or grab a meal or do just about anything. I can't imagine what we would do with 2! Kudos moms out there, kudos to you.
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