She Rolls

Evelyn Ray is 4 months old!

This bundle of joy weighs 16 pounds and 4 ounces, (she is one big bundle) and is 25 inches long! That's 94% for height. She is giggling and talking up a storm like Mommy and growing tall like Daddy. She has spent a whole month at school and seems to be doing well.

This month we have seen so many new things. She has learned to grasp toys and her paci; watch TV, and roll over (well almost, she tends to get stuck on her arm). We also introduced some  solids. Banana was a hit... the sweet potatoes are another story.

We are still experiencing a slight sleep regression and Mommy will be ever so happy when it ends and she gets her nights back.

Our happy little peanut loves everything. She loves to listen to Daddy read to her at night, for Mommy to swing to her (albeit not the greatest), and enjoys watching her puppy sisters zoom around. She also likes to sit in her activity chair.

This will be the last pic you see of her sweet head of hair for while as she gets her DocBand on Friday and we will be on our way to fixin her flat and asymmetrical noggin.

Time sure has flown, but I would not change it for the world. We love Evie Ray. And Happy 4 months to our sweet friend Vivi! We love being almost birthday twins with you!
LMW4 months, Evelyn