She's Grown

I have had the pleasure to watch one amazing young woman grow up before my eyes.

My munchkin came over last night to get her graduation present, see Evie and well let me hug her one more time before she left for college. And then it happened, I began to cry. And then the cry turned into a bawl and before I knew it was an all out mess. Blame post partum hormones, but honestly its because this young woman is pretty much the closest thing to a little sister I have.

The first time I met her, she was pretty much the same age Evie is now, and holy smoke she is 18! I babysat her through kindergarten and first grade, she watched my twirl my last competitive event, was in my wedding, and will always be so special to me.

I love you Haylee bug and cannot wait to watch you conquer the world!