Sleep Regression and such

Lordy, its Monday and I feel like I need another weekend. I also fail at taking photos these days, and the hubs is rocking it with his new found love for Instagram. Seriously, he has all the cute pics of E.

This weekend Evie found her voice. Girl babbled all day Saturday and Sunday from dawn til dusk. She has the gift of gab from her mama. Friday, we grabbed a quick dinner at a local Mexican food joint we love. We have such a small window to eat out with E these days. We have to go between her dinner bottle (4:30pm) and her I am so tired I am about to melt night night bottle (anywhere between 7:30 and 8pm). We are in transition period here, where she used to take a nap between her dinner and her bed time, but now that has pretty much turned into an earlier bed time. But, we are also in the dreaded 4 month sleep regression and sweet girl has been up again. Normally its about 2:30 am and then again around 4:30am. I'd really like my sleep all the way through the night baby back please.

Saturday hubs went to work and Evie and I tried to catch up on some much-needed sleep. When hubs finally arrived home, we did some laundry until my mother (aka GroRo) arrived. Hubs and I headed to a birthday event for a friend of ours.  I wish I had pictures. Only my friend Catherine will make a from-scratch tiramisu for her own birthday to share with friends. It was so nice to catch up since we have not seen her and her husband since before Evie was born. I mean we partied til the we hours of 10:30 p.m.

While hubs and I partied, Evie hung out with her Uncle and GroRo.

She sure loves her Uncle and he is just smitten with her.

Sunday hubs and I slept in while GroRo took care of little girl. Then we finally did some much-needed honey-do's. We hung a rod in the under the stairs closet for coats and finished decorating Evie's nursery. I promise a reveal this week. My mom and I also ran to Babies R Us for a quick trip to get a new baby bathtub.... Well, we came home with a tad more.... Oh well. Except the bathtub was a fail and I will be going back tonight to try again.

And then I woke up and it was Monday.