Thoughts on Thursday

Taking a cue from my BOFF and doing a little stream of conscience flow today.

  • I went to a Camp Gladiator Bootcamp this morning. I used to do BC religiously with another provider, but when I got divorced and moved back to Fort Worth, I went back to my gym workouts. Well, now that baby came I need to get toned up. I have lost all the weight (and a tad more) but this tummy and thighs need a little love. So, off I went with a friend at 5:30 am. I do not mind mornings, but I cannot do a lot of talking or rah rah in the am. But the workout was amazing and I know I will be feeling it later, tomorrow and probably Saturday.
  • I can wear jeans to work... everyday. Yes, lawyer in jeans. I love it. No more skirts, suits, dresses, etc... I am so much more comfortable and my wardrobe has expanded because I am not limited. Oh and sandals. Life is grand.
  • The rent house stress. Insurance adjustor finally came yesterday and ta-da, all the floors are covered! Yes, all new hardwoods and tile is being paid for (well after our not so tiny deductible) but nonetheless, one less thing to stress about.
  • New job is rocking and rolling.
  • I told hubs that for my birthday I wanted one weekend of no baby night duty, aka two nights of uninterrupted sleep.
Have a great Thursday!