Thoughts on a Thursday

I am a few hours late on this post, and well in general on posting. (and now days, as in I started this post yesterday and I am just now finishing and posting it).

Life has been on full speed as of late. Between getting in the flow of a new job, having a constantly growing and changing baby, and a rent house that has consumed us, I have not had a moment to breathe let alone blog.

Evie is doing well and rolling over and over and over, and actually slept on her tummy Sunday night. She is also going through a clingy stage, where when she gets home from school, all she is wants is to be held. It makes it difficult to get anything done in the evenings. She also insists on a late evening nap, well I am sure she would just sleep, but then I would be up at 2 to feed her. She is still waking at least once during the night, but is finding ways to get herself back to sleep, so at least I am not getting out of bed to soothe her.

As for the rest of life? My house, aka the rent house that had the pipe break, and ruin the floors, has just become a money pit. Not only do all the floors need to be replaced, but possibly the entire subfloor, which I know will be a fight with insurance. And we may have mold that has since gown due to the moisture, And all the water caused the foundation to shift... again, so I have a front door that won't close, huge cracks in walls and brick that has shifted. Oh, and the entire concrete front porch that is lifting away from the house. And insurance, well its only covering the cost of the floor. It's been a nightmare, and I now know why people sue insurance companies... this from someone who represented insurance companies for the past 4 years.

And lastly, prayers needed for my sweet brother. I am not sure any of you know (ok well maybe the BOFF) that my brother has been in a year long custody battle with his son's mother. He has not seen his son in over a year. We have had court date after court date rescheduled and Monday it happened again. This has hurt our family so much. My nephew has not met his sweet baby cousin, missed my wedding, and most of all, we have no clue with what his mother is filling his head. She has filed police reports, CPS reports, you name, she has tried to do it to my brother and mother. So, prayer for my brother to have patience to continue this fight, prayers for my nephew and prayers for his mother. To have her see what is best for her child and not her own personal vendetta.