We have a screamer

And with that its the last day of August and the end of summer is on the horizon, although here in Texas the heat is still ever present.

Our weekend was pretty low key and by low key, I mean we barely left the house. It was full of some quality time with my little one. She played and played and played and screamed. I mean scream people. Little bit has some lungs, and she always testing them out. She screams at her toys, screams at the dogs, screams in the car just to well, scream.

She also loves to chew (as you can see by the fingers in her mouth). On everything. But, not a tooth in sight. Girl can conjure up some serious drool. I have to bib her just to keep her onsies dry.

And other than running a few errands and making dinner, I finally got started on my window project. This old window has been sitting in our garage for almost 2 years now. I had big plans to use it in the guestroom and then E's room and now I have settled on our dining room. But first, I need to scrap the years of old pain off of it in order to get it down to seeing some old wood. I am going for an unfinished look rather than the old paint look.

Three passes of paint stripper and its still has layers of old paint. But.... at least its a start. Once I get it down to some wood I am going to sand and then just clear coat it. Then I am going to put black and white photos on the panes and hang it in the dining room along with the antique table I have been gifted. The table, well it need work of its own as the veneer top is chipped and coming off and well I just have not figured out how to salvage it yet.

And that is our weekend! next weekend is Labor Day, which means three-day weekend, a birthday party for a friend's one year old, and the last day of white pants for the year! And... the start of college football baby!