Brows for your Face Shape

As I promised, this week we will look at the perfect brow shape for your face shape. If you missed the post about how to find your face shape, check it out here.

Also, linking up with the ever lovely Jenn for What's Hap-pinning Wednesday!

Now that you armed knowledge about your face shape, let's talk brows. Brows are basically the way to define your face and really give set the boundaries for eye make up. So, according to your face shape, here is how you shape your brows.

But what does this actually look like? Here is a more visual of the dos and don'ts of brow shape.

And lastly ladies, once your have the perfect shape, show it off! Brow powder is your friend. Say goodbye to the ole eye pencil and look for softer product like Brow Powder  or my favorite wax/powder combo. I live by this product and if I do nothing else, I do my brows and mascara!

Once I learned the importance of the brow, my make up changed forever!

Next week, we talk about haircuts that flatter your face shape!

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