Its Friday night... or Friday day and The Frogs had a win last night! Not a pretty win, but a win so I'll take it. That being said, I had one cute Horned Frog yesterday (who did not make a sec of the game).

rare shot without her DocBand

Today she is sporting some Texas Tech red and Monday will be some Ohio State crimson. Yes, little lady has some college choices and lots of people who love her and want to shower her in college love.

This weekend we had no big plans other than a birthday party for one of my best friend's one year old and a date night. And.... we enrolled Evie in The Little Gym. She will start classes tomorrow! We are hoping this will help her development while she meets some friends and has some fun.

And in other news.... the rent house. So, here is what the subfloor looked like once all the engineered wood was removed. This is actually the original wood floors to the house.

Hard to see, but imagine a wavy lays potato chip for a floor. It all had to go.

And now this is what's left.

I did ask J if he saw any dead mouse bodies while he was it was exposed. So... now we are having the joists treated for any surface mold, and then having a new subfloor put in, new hardwoods and then re-tiling the guest bathroom. Then... we will have the foundation reset and reshimmed, have two exterior piers put in, brick mason to fix that shifted brick and get the front porch fixed.

Ya know just rebuilding a house I do not live in anymore!

So... if you need me this weekend I will be planting that money tree I ordered on Amazon. Lol. Happy Labor Day all.