Giggles and Sunshine

This weekend we....

- found out Evie had an ear infection to go along with her RSV, but got some meds and she was all giggles and sunshine this weekend.

- played it lowkey Friday and Saturday nights, well because we can.....

- Evie and I attended a baby shower for a church friend and she did so well! She played and laughed and enjoyed all the attention

- cheered on the Frogs... OMG! the game nearly killed me!

Seriously, watch this play.... I died and went to Horned Frog heaven. And then Tech made an incredible almost comeback.... We dropped in the polls, but hey a W is a W!

Sunday we went on a family walk. Our new house backs up the walking/running/biking trails that follow the Trinity River. We managed to get in a good 2 mile walk before it hit 90 degrees.  J and I walked and Evie slept. We are trying to make this a weekly thing since we live so close.  Maybe some day we will venture out with baby and both pups.

The Sunday afternoon Evie and I went for her first twirling lesson. Ok, we went so mommy could practice before the TCU Homecoming game this weekend and Evie, well she just laughed and used a baton as a teething toy. We also caught some great pics of her, that are forthcoming.

All in all, it was a good weekend.  Now this week we are awaiting the arrival of Aunt Holly and Uncle Mikey from Florida!