Hump Day Hair Blues

As I stare out of my office window, its dark, gloomy and the reflection staring back at me is in need of a hair make over.

I have not had my hair done since I went back to work. Yup, last hair appointment was sometime in June. My summer blonde highlights have long grown out, the light layers are a hot mess and the length in somewhere between annoying and medium. I have decided I need a hair intervention.

here is what it looks like now

So.... here are some looks I am pondering.

Curly, straight, I am loving Kelly Ripa's short cut these days.

Digging the layers of this look so give my fine hair some oomph

Again, the layers in back and longer to frame the face, and the color is pretty nice as well.

I think we see a common thread... shorter, wavier, layers.... and now to stay way blonde or go more a la the last pic?

What do you all think?