Labor Day Review

Tis Tuesday, which can only mean yesterday was a day off and this is a short week! Can we all say yahoo!

Friday we stayed in and enjoyed some take out from Chipotle. Saturday morning we were up early a la the tune of 5:45 am since Evie is awake by then. So much for sleeping in these days. We then put E down for a nap so she would be well-rested for her first class at The Little Gym. Yup, we signed the Peanut up for some baby gymnastics. We are hoping it will help with her fine motor skills and well, she will learn to like tummy time. Girl HATES tummy time. I mean put her down screaming as if I were murdering her hates tummy time. Which is why she will seldom roll over. She can roll over and we have witnesses this momentous occasion, but she just refuses to because she knows she will end up belly down.

I keep telling her that tummy time leads to so many more things, but she just wants no part of it. Oh well I guess, she may never crawl or walk, or sit up for that matter.

After Little Gym, we pretty much just lounged around and did some much-needed house work. We finally hung out some décor in the family room and our bedroom. And I ordered all the things I need to re-furbish the antique dining table I was gifted by my Aunt.

I also did some cleaning since our wonderful housekeeper is off for a month or more with her 4th baby. I did not realize how much I leaned on her coming every other week to keep our home somewhat in order and cleaned.

Saturday night J and I headed out for date night. We went to a local joint called Bonnell's which is headed by a pretty famous for our parts chef and features lots of Texas fare.  We dined on lamb and tenderloin and then had a banana sundae for dessert. Then we headed to J's fav, World of Beer. We witnessed the demise of the Texas fans as they saw their team lose (rather badly I might ad) to Notre Dame and then we called it night.

Sunday I woke up with the worst sore throat and well no rest for the weary. J went flying with  "Uncle" David while E and I got ready for pool time. We then joined V&D at the pool and well, E slept most of the time. It was so hot and muggy and baby girl did get a little pool time. We were all beat when we got home so we all napped. After we got E to bed, J and I enjoyed a little wine and a movie. We still have wine from our Napa trip that we took last year so late night wine it was.

Monday I woke up with the same sore throat and just felt like crap all day. E was ready for some Ohio State Football though, and I admit I did not make it through the first half.

Other than that, we pretty much called it low key and played inside all weekend since its still way too hot here. E enjoyed a new lovie from her grandma and grandpa and mommy dosed up on the Sudafed.

Hopefully this week will fly by and Miss E will be 5 months old! Where has the time gone? Happy short week all.