That Mama-Gut Feeling

If you are a mom you know what mother's intuition is. Its just that feeling you get. Its crazy, and huge when it comes to your babies.  Mine started going off about a month ago with E's daycare.

E is in daycare so much more during the day than I would like, but with two working parents, it is what it is.  So, finding a good place for her is a must.  When we first started looking I was still working in Dallas and leaving at the butt crack of dawn so our options were limited. We needed someplace that was open by 630 and pickup was around 6ish.  Those places are few and far between or you pay a premium (to the tune of $1450 a month).

But we had heard great things about her daycare so we took a place on the waiting list.  Her school is ok. But the more she was there the more it just did not feel right.

First, they do not divide infants by age/ability, they just stick them in there willy nilly (as in my 12 week old at the time with a 9 month old and an 11 month old).  Mamas know that my 12 week old is not match for those older babies.  She requires complete different care.  Also, it so loud in there.  They have 4 infant rooms that are all connected so that equals constant chaos and no quiet for naps.  Add in finding my LO in the same place every time I pick her up and the fact that she gets shuffled around three times in one day and I just knew it was not a good fit.

So, I started the hunt for some place better.  Talk about a wait list.... She is on the wait list for the place I really love, but not til June 2016... yes people June of next year!

But after some more looking and constant calling she is moving to a new place Monday. Not the school of my dreams, but another place that I have heard some great reviews about.  I visited it and admit it left a little lacking, and then I heard the review from moms.  Talk about glowing!  My Mama heart beamed.  I had several moms reach out to me and texted, called and chatted to ease my fears!  And the best part, its Christian-based.  They can go to chapel, have music class every Tuesday (even as infants) and surrounded by loving Christian women!

So, say some prayers for our transition (mostly for worried Mama bee). But like they tell you, trust your gut because Mama knows best!