There She Is

And with that another year of Miss America has come and gone. The new Miss America is Miss Georgia Betty Cantrell!

So, in case you missed it, I competed in the Miss Texas organization for many years. I have a love/hate relationship with pageants. Yes, it helped pay for law school, but it can become more of an obsession for some girls that healthy way to subsidize college. I have made so many good friends from the pageant world, but I have also seen the decline of the system in the past. So, this was a year to talk about.

First, we had the fateful return of Vanessa Williams, Miss America 1984. She resigned from her post after 10 months of her reign due to some not so nice photos of her that surface in Penthouse. Miss Williams returned to the stage, sane beautifully, and was publicly apologized to.

Do not let the video fool you. This apology was so planned and she knew it was coming and in fact pretty much demanded it before she would return to the Miss A stage. But, it was wonderful to see her sing and get some good judging for once.

The Top 15 (er 17) yeah we had to throw in a people's choice and a judge's choice along with the actual top 15 whose composite score got them there and we were down to

Miss Tennessee Hannah Williams Robison, Miss Iowa Taylor Wiebers, Miss West Virginia Chelsea Jean Malone, Miss South Carolina Daja Dial, Miss Florida Mary Katherine Fechtel, Miss Oklahoma Georgia Frazier, Miss Virginia Savannah Lane, Miss Alabama Meg McGuffin, Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson, Miss Louisiana April Nelson, Miss Texas Shannon Sanderford, Miss Nebraska Alyssa Howell, Miss Georgia Betty Cantrell, Miss Mississippi Hannah Roberts, Miss Arkansas Loren McDaniel.

These ladies competed in swimsuit. Oklahoma second from left, was robbed of a prelim swimsuit win, but Iowa, below in blue. I mean Hello Oklahoma!

Then we moved onto evening gown.

Evening gowns have moved into the fuller skirted realm this year. And again lots of white. Kudos to Miss Georgia for the two-piece gown.

Other standouts

Colorado (on right end) red.

I, for one, am not a fan of a white dress on a blonde... so Texas' gown just did not do it for me.

And then there was talent, or a lack thereof. Miss Georgia was the only one who had talent in her beautiful operatic piece.

And then you had the infamous Miss Colorado's Monologue about being a nurse.

I know the nurses loved it, but people this was not a monologue. This was a speech.
And then we had the "edgy" aka really weird dance from Miss Alabama.

And the only good thing about Texas' talent was her outfit.

Lastly, we had onstage question. We had the Ellen DeGeneris should be US money answer...
And then the great deflate gate question that Miss Georgia, kinda answered.
So, all in all, not a bad night. Miss Georgia was not my pick I had Miss South Carolina until she sang.
But my real point here is how relevant is Miss America these days? The ratings have been down year after year, no matter what happens it becomes the butt of jokes the next day and talent, well its declining.
But I truly believe in the organization. It prepares young women to speak eloquently, champion a cause and you truly make lifelong friends.
Your thoughts? Relevant? Not? Should be just get rid of it now?