1/2 a Year

Yes, you heard me, half a year. Our little Evie Ray hit the half mark on Saturday. Where did the time go?


Evelyn Ray you are 6 months old!! I am not sure your exact weight, but two weeks ago you were 18 1/2 pounds and well over 27 inches so we will see what the ole scale says on Wednesday.

This month you got your first two teeth!  You are not quite sure how you feel about them, but its fun to watch you lick them and stick out your tongue.

This month you went to two TCU Games and slept through most of the first half. You met your Aunt Holly and Uncle Mike.  You have discovered the puppies and would like to make Sophie your best friend (chloe is still not sure about you).

You are rolling over and over and over the place.  You are getting better at sitting up, but only last a couple seconds before you face plant.

Although you like your exersaucer, you have no interest in jumping in or putting weight on your feet.  Oh well.

You did try chicken for the first time last night and loved every single bite.  We love her to the moon.

And here is a sneak peak of her 6 month photo shoot and some outtakes.

look at those feet go

and this was the next photo.... 0 to pout
LMW6 months, Evelyn