Essence of Fall

Fall is trying its darndest to come to Texas.  We have been having some cooler mornings at 65-70 degrees, although its still a tad humid.  I like that at least there is a cooler  breeze in the am. So that means chai lattes and pumpkin scones, right?

But for real, Fall in Texas is a hard one.  All the stores are carrying sweaters, leggings, scarves and its still getting to the 90's here, so wardrobe is hard....

I still need my tanks, cotton dresses and shorts, yet I feel weird sporting that on October 8th... So, I'm trying to mix and mingle.

Today its a cotton tank dress from Gap layered with my jean jacket and cranberry booties (yes Jenn I have cranberry booties).

It also means shorts on the weekends adorned with long sleeve cotton tops and flip flops and sandals are still in the rotation.

But I know that the cooler temps have to be just around the corner and knowing Texas an ice storm is brewing.

But until then I will dream of Fall and all its wardrobe possibilities... like...

This black quilted vest from Banana Republic hanging in my closet.

This gorgeous green plaid I've been drying to wear

Or how about all the cuteness that going on at my lovely friend Jessica's boutique Pearl & Monroe!

If you have not stopped by or shopped her boutique well get your booty over there! I will be sharing some of my favorite items next week!

But until then, send Fall my way!
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