Fall About Me

Jumped online this morning and saw this lovely idea from Miss Jenn, who saw it from Miss Kristin and so on and so forth... but had to join in the fun!

Favorite Candle Scent - I admit we have no fall scented candles at home! And who has time for candles? But... I do love me some Flannel by Bath & Body Works. I am just not into super sweet scents, but this one is like a warm blanket by the fire.

Best Fragrance for Fall - Yeah so I don't switch by season, I swear by my Burberry and this random one from Avon that my mom got me, yes Avon.... go figure

Coffee, Tea or Hot Cocoa? - Tea! Currently sipping a chai latte and have been for a week. When I  had to quit coffee for my pregnancy I just never got back into it and I just can't handle too much sweetness from hot cocoa.

Favorite Thanksgiving Food - So, Thanksgiving is legit. We go to the country club with V&D and have a huge buffet. My favorite piece of food on that table? Seriously, its the green beans. They are steamed to perfection with an almond shaving... yum! Oh yeah and turkey and pie.

Best Fall Memory - Eh, well I didn't grow up going to the pumpkin patch etc.. or apple picking because well its Texas and Fall lasts a hot second, aka its still 80+ degrees here. But Fall means football and any Saturday twirling on the field in college was awesome!

Favorite Type of Pie - pumpkin followed closely by chocolate silk.

Favorite worn sweater - Can we say sweatshirt? I borrowed stole this oversized Ohio State sweatshirt from J and well let's just say its my fav, so comfy, so warm, so oversized.

What is fall weather like where you live - see above and also see ice storms, rain storms or well whatever mother nature throws at ya!

Football Games or jumping in leaf piles - Football. again see above!

What song gets you in the fall spiritTCU

Pumpkin Spice worth the Hype? - No. Just no.

Favorite Fall TV Show - It used to be Grey's, but sadly its not. So I just find something new each year and hope its good!

Currently watching Nashville, Manhattan, Gotham & Dancing with the Stars

Skinny Jeans or Leggings - Both.

Halloween, Yay or Nay? - Yay!!! I get to dress up this cute pie!

How Do You Feel about Black Friday? Sleep in. Stay far away from the store.

Happy Fall ya'll!