Gloomy Friday

It's Friday, albeit a tad gloomy... ok its monsoon central outside, but its Friday!

J is out of town in Nola for a bachelor party, so its just the baby girl and I this weekend and its jam packed!

First, the rent house goes on the market today! Three cheers! I spent last night (in the rain) sprucing up the front porch with some flowers, cleaning all the windows (inside and out), touching up a few spots of trim and some patchwork in the drywall. I felt very HGTV with my curb appeal upgrades.

This is how the house looked when I bought it
Tomorrow I am co-hosting my best friend's babyshower along with two of her mother's friends. It's golf themed and I am so excited!

And I plan on some fun mommy-daughter time, ya know maybe some shopping and a playdate.

Until send the arc, I may float away!