Real Life Doesn't Have Time for Photos

I knew this day was bound to come. I  had been actually just waiting for it patiently. I have read about other stories from women who have experienced it and let me tell you nothing can prepare you.

It was a normal evening in our house. Picked up E from daycare, headed home. We played for a bit and giggled and laughed and attempted to drink my our new sippy cup. Ya know nothing out of the ordinary.

So, as per our normal routine we started to prepare for bathtime. I grabbed E's sleepsack and overnight diaper and laid her on our bed.  J started the bath and the pups meandered in to join in the family fun.  So, when the water was ready, I stripped her down and picked her up. And then it happened.  That warm wet feeling all down my body.  Yup, she peed. Right there all over my sweater, jeans, bra and floor.  And this was no piddle people. This was I just drank an ounce of water flow.

I squealed, she squealed and J stood in amazement.  Pretty sure Sophie may have gotten caught in the flow.

There was nothing I could do but laugh, strip off my clothes and hose down the dog.

It was about this time that my wonderful husband confessed.... Yes he informed me that at least I was on me and not all over our bed like a few weeks ago when he bathed her himself. Gee thanks honey for not telling me I may have slept in pee! Lol.

Yes people real life doesn't wait for the perfect photo of the sweet baby girl who just peed all over mommy.