It's Friday!! I am so close to the weekend!!! Let's all shout yeah!

This weekend....

Evie turns 6 months old! Whew, where did the time go? So, we are taking her 6 month photos today as well as some family photos for ya know, Christmas cards and posterity's sake. Heck, I even curled my hair! Whahoo!

As you all know Evie has been sporting a DocBand to fix her flat spot and asymmetrical features.  Today marks 8 weeks of it. Yes  I know its to fix her flat, but momma is tired of the sweat, the smell, and the complete inability to put a bow on her! So at today's appointment I was told we are looking at 3-4 more weeks. Ugh. It looks fine to me. But they want more rounding on some area where honestly it look round to me. All I cared about was the flat, and her ear and jaw asymmetry and that has all been fixed.

Spray tan. Yup, I got myself a little spray tan yesterday. My gams were in desperate need of some color and I did not want to look like a ghost before Halloween. So, when the paralegal from my old firm said she was having a lunch spray party, I hopped on board.

Feels so good to have some color!!! I realized I did not break even a small base tan all summer due to baby, and well it rained most of May.

I also realized I need to better about taking photos. I mean I know I do not see my baby most of the day, but I  have nothing to photo dump or even cute little here and there's of her just being cute on a daily basis.

This is also my last weekend of being 32... Yup the big 33 is next week and well I am told that J is taking me somewhere overnight next weekend! I cannot wait to sleep al night and well into the morning, heck I may stay in bed til noon! But this weekend is all about E and her 6 months of life.

Happy Friday ya'll!