Tuesday Recap

So I missed the weekend wrap up yesterday because well, E started her new school and I was still recovering from the weekend.

This weekend my husband's brother, his wife and their best friend arrived at our home as the men were taking part in the Tough Mudder race in Dallas. So, we had a house full of guests. This was also TCU Homecoming Weekend. So... suffice it to say, this weekend was a mess!

Thursday, my brother stayed with Evie and man they had a blast! They went shopping and to lunch and E learned the art of the selfie. E also came to work with Mommy for a couple of hours (wearing her new shoes and onsie from Uncle Bubby).

We stayed up (way too late) Thursday night catching up, eating cheese and well , drinking wine.  Holly was catching me up on all the visits with J and his brother's parents and it may have gotten a  little TMI for the boys (there may have been talk of a little blue pill involved).  Oh, hey there is part of my house!

Friday I headed to work for a bit while the rest of the bunch recovered from the wine.  Evie was also spoiled rotten! She got present from her Aunt and Uncle and her grandparents. Including her own Florida beach house and lots of books!

puppy photo bomb!
Saturday was the mess.... Literally. The TCU game was at 11am, which meant a 7am rehearsal for the alumni band. Well, that part went fine.  E and I along with my mom were up and at 'em while the rest of the bunch got up to head to the Tough Mudder.

But then... my brother was supposed to pick my mom, E and I up from my house at 930 am so I could make it in time for 10am march in. Well, 930 am came and went.... and the brother arrived around 10am.... so we raced to the stadium!

I missed the march in and part of pre game, but managed to run onto the field in time for the fight song... So... one song is better than none.  Here are three of the alumni twirlers. These two ladies graduated in 2012. My, the old fart, celebrated her 10 year college reunion. Yup, I graduated from college 10 years ago!

Since it was an 11am game, it was hot! It was sunny and I had one sleepy baby.

She may have slept through almost the entire 1st half.  And with the whooping we gave Texas, we departed a little before half time.  We retreated to the A/C and all took a nap.

My brother arrived a little later and hung out with E.

Finally, around 5:30pm my tough mudders arrived home.

This was post tear gas obstacle.
They all showered and we headed to World of Beer for some food and well for them, liquid pain killers.  They were bruised, beaten and well all had a hitch in their giddy ups.

Sunday was football but a lazy dayish around the house.  Evie was a tad fussy as she is cutting (as in popped through) her two bottom teeth.  She is not a fan of said teeth right now. So, any great teething remedies are much appreciated.

So, Sunday when we finally got all the guests to the airport and the baby down, we were pooped.

So, Happy Tuesday all!