And Its November

Well everyone, its November! Our weekend was a blast!

Friday Evie had the Halloween Parade at school. Here she is pre-parade.

She was on cute unicorn!
Friday night was trick-or-treating on our neighborhood. We just handed out candy and E was out by 7pm!
Saturday we headed to Little Gym and then relaxed at home. E was pretty tired all day and napped well.
At about 3pm the magic began. J and I attended Steeplechase Ball Saturday night. It's basically a debutante ball for the young women coming out into society. So, I got all jazzed up.

And then got all dresses up.

Doesn't he clean up well? And yes, I went with the purple! It was so comfortable. I mean the only gown I have worn were I did not require special undergarments! Win!

We danced, we ate, we saw M.... (I think he was more surprised to see me than I him. We just moved to another room).

We were home by midnight! Out little pumpkin hung out with Uncle Michael and had a blast!

My brother's dog Copper loves some baby E!

Sunday we snuggled in our pj's and tried to stay awake until the new 7pm.... She did pretty well. She was up at 4:15, but I just put her paci back in and she was back asleep til about 5:30. Hoping this works and we do not have a daylight savings sleep fiasco!

Prayers for this morning as my brother has (hopefully) his custody hearing. Here's hoping the judge shows up and all goes well.