Evie Ray is 7 Months Old

Evie Ray is 7 months old! Girl is growing like a week. I am going to guess we are over 20 pounds at this point and probably inching our way to 28 inches tall.  She is still a bundle of energy and constantly on the "go."

Although she is not crawling, she is pretty mobile with the rolling. She can roll to get to whatever she wants. You can tell when she is frustrated because she grunts and then off she rolls.

She is eating three meals of "solids" a day. If you can call pureed food solids.... She has not met a food she hates as of yet, but girl does not like any texture. She wants all liquid no lumps! So, if anyone has any ideas on how to get her to like a little texture let me know.

Evie currently loves her Sophie giraffe (thanks Aunt Pinky)  her light up musical turtle, soft books she can read eat, and Sophie (our dog).  Evie is quite the talker. She just babbles, squeals and screams her little heart out.

This big event this month was getting her DocBand off! No more flat spot! She is still a great sleeper and goes to bed between 7 and 7:30 every night and wakes up between 5:20 and 6 am. However, she is content to just babble away at herself until Daddy comes to get her up and ready for the day.

She likes to sit in high chairs when we go out to dinner and is content to play with a spoon while we eat.

She discovered she can "see" herself in the phone.

We love her to pieces and cannot wait to see what this next month will bring. Maybe she will finally crawl and learn to stand up. (girl has no desire to pull up or really stand assisted at this point)

Happy 7 months Peanut!