First World Problems

But seriously, we all have those things that seem so annoying at the time and in hindsight we realize how ridiculous they sound. So here are a few of my First World Problems....

  • My firm ordered me a new chair, its expensive and snazzy and us supposed to be ergonomically the best... I hate it. It's uncomfortable, I squirm all day long, and would rather have the old school one I has before.
  • I arrived at Starbucks this morning (insert eyeroll here) only to find out that even though there was indeed a pumpkin scone in the case, they did not have any pumpkin scones.... cranberry orange is just not the same.
  • Blacklist came back on and no one told me. Now 4 episodes behind.
  • We ran out of Coke Zero at work.
  • We own three houses at the moment...
  • I bought the toothpaste my husband requested, he tried it, did not like it, requested new toothpaste, so now we use two different kinds.
  • In another coffee-related problem, 7-11 changed the nonfat mocha chiller to pumpkin spice, but did not change the sign... waste of $2.
What are some of your first world problems?

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