Friday Fri-Yay

Woot woot, its Friday! I admit I am a tad jealous of those of you with all next week off. But I am looking forward to two days off and some yummy food and family time! And without further ado, here is what's up this Friday!

1. Thank you all for your love on my body after baby. Like I said, this is what worked for me. For all you new mamas out there.... it takes time and remember give yourself grace!

2. I arrived at Starbuck's this morning for a treat and BAM! Free coffee. A local bank in town pays for your coffee on the third Friday of every month. It was all Oprah up there.

3. Christmas shopping, traditions, etc... - What do you do about gift in your family when littles come around? Do you still exchange gifts with the grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc... Evie is the first grandbaby on J's side of the family so I am curious to what families do.
4. Solid Foods.  I have been giving E some pick up foods this week and she seems to be digging them. I admit its a tad more messy, but its fun to watch her explore new tastes and textures.
Happy Friday all!