It's Almost the Freakin Weekend

It's Friday.... its almost the weekend. I'm not sure whether to be excited or rather unenthused. Either way... let's get down and see the Friday Five

1.  This girl. And her now, much rounder head! We got our DocBand off Tuesday and it's been all giggles in our house because of it.

2. Shopping. I have had a small problem as of late. Now that I do not wear business attire to work, I decided I needed to beef up the casual wardrobe. It's not been kind to the pocketbook, but oh so kind to my closet.  I snapped up these and these boots/booties in the grey tones.  I also got my 15th Stitch Fix and get a couple items. I also hit up the Gap sale and grabbed a pair of these in grey and these in cranberry (excuse me rich-eggplant).  Lastly, I have ordered tons a couple of items from Jess's Pearl & Monroe Boutique.

3. Have you ever found out someone reads your blog who you never expected to read it and they don't know you know they read it, but now when you see them you feel awkward? Totally happened to me.  But totally flattered.

4. Buy my House! Seriously, for those of you who have been around and knew what it looked like when I bought it, or watched me practically redo the whole thing post leak... Check it out now!

5. Marriage. And Marriage after babies. How do you do it? How do you keep the spark? How do you not forget what it was like to just be in love.

6. And I know I promised a post on body after baby... Its in the works.. its been a long week around here!

Happy Weekend y'all!
LMW5 on Friday