Merry Christmas Before Thanksgiving

Yes, its the Monday before Thanksgiving and I have marked two Christmas items off our list.

Saturday morning we woke up , went to Little Gym and then headed back for a nap, well E napped and J and I sat mesmerized watching the tree trimmer hack down some trees in our backyard.

Don't let this tree fool you, it was 16 feet talk and had notched into our fence.

And then there was none....

This was just half of the remnants.... We took our three trees and trimmed all the front trees. We literally had 4 trees in a our tiny backyard.

After our nap, we headed up to Grapevine to see Santa. Ya'll it was the bets experience.  We arrived, parked, saw the man, got our photos and were seated at Fireside Pies in 30 minutes.

E was not quite sure about Santa. I mean he told her that he knows where she lives and if she has been bad or good... I'd be a tad freaked out too. But he was so sweet to her.

And then we had a family pizza trip. She was a tad happier.

Sunday was pretty low key as normal.  It finally dipped a little low in temps here, so we snuggled up and played inside. We J got home from work, we bundled out and headed downtown for the Parade of Lights. Normally the parade is the Friday after Thanksgiving, but they moved it this year so yes, we celebrated Christmas before Thanksgiving.

This little deer was asleep before the first float came by.  She woke up when the firetruck blew it horn and we lasted about half way through the floats.  All in all, it was a good experience and we are enjoying making family memories.

Now we have a short week and then Turkey Day!  E will be ecstatic  because it feature her favorite food... sweet potatoes!

Today I express my gratitude and Thanks for three wonderful friends I have made in this blogosphere.

Jess, Jenn and my BOFF Pinky.  You ladies are phenomenal!  You have been there for me through thick and thin, good and bad, ups and downs.  We have celebrated marriages, a divorce, babies, football, and everyday life struggles.  I know that I can depend on you three for anything.  I am so glad you all started reading my blog way back when and continued to.  I am still amazed how three people I do not see everyday have come to be three of my closest friends. Love you three to the moon and back!