What's Happening Wednesday

Link up with Jenn and Jessi and check out what's happening with people around the blogosphere today.

Here is what's happening with me.

1. I work some passive aggressive personalities, go figure. Seriously, just tell me what has gotten your panties all in a wad and the world will be ok. Do not expect me to read you mind, do things how you would or prepare a summary of over 3000 medical records in less than a week when you also want me to do x, y, and z! End rant.

2. We are getting photos with Santa this weekend ( I know early.) And J and I are in a fight ok more like a disagreement about what E should wear. I choose cute santa smocked dress.

J told me it looked too "summery" and choose simple red sweater dress with white long sleeve shirt... Why do men not get smocked? And why do they not understand its her first photo with Santa! I would like to put her in full on Christmas dress, but I showed restraint. Thoughts?

3. While we are on E... girl refuses to even attempt to stand up, pull up, or put weight on her feet really. She will jump in the exersaucer, and jump in the walker, but will not walk in it. Also, no interest in crawling. Rolls for days. Anyone? Worry? Not worry? When do I worry?

4. The Man Crate. Seriously, check it out. If you have a guy to buy for, brother, husband, father, brother in law... you can find a crate that he will love. I was shown this by a friend and I am on board. Shhh don't tell the men in my life this is Christmas!

Happy Wednesday, and don't forget to link up!