Evie Update

Evelyn Ray, you are 8 months old! (Where did the last 8 months of my life go?)


I am not sure how much you weight, but I know its over the 20 pound mark and you are about 29 inches tall (daddy measures with his trusty measuring tape).  You continue to be the joy of our life.  This month you started army crawling (albeit only when bribed), eating table food (you love peaches, mandarin oranges, toast and avocado), celebrated Thanksgiving and met the man in the big red suit.

You are also much more, well, umm, let's say opinionated. You let us know when you are not happy or have not gotten what you want.  You have moved up to the Infant 2 room and well you have been nonstop ever since.  You refuse to really nap at school because you have to see and do everything (pretty sure you got that from mommy).  But, you sleep like a champ at home at night so I won't complain.

You still have no interest in actually for legit hands ands and knees crawling, but man you want to, in fact you will throw an all out baby fit because you won't crawl.  You also have no desire to pull up, stand up or well be mobile other than rolling.  In the walker you just tend to push yourself or try to bounce.

But when you are content with your toys you are content.  You to bang things together, "pet" the puppies (we are trying to teach you to be gentle), but man Sophie is so tolerant of you and you squeal with delight when you see her.  You are trying to cut you top teeth, so I blame the fussiness on that.  We can see its white edge but it just will not poke through.

You also want to do everything on your own.  You want to feed yourself, hold your own cup and bottle, get your toys out of the box and well I bet you would change yourself if I would let you.  Miss Independent (again you get if from your mama).

This month will be big as you will celebrate your first Christmas and go on your first plane ride! (pray for me).

You have also developed quite the nicknames: Evie, Ev, Peanut, E-Frog, cutie patootie (that's from Uncle Bubby), and toot butt (your daddy).

We love you to the moon and back sweet girl!

LMWUnited Statesevie