Little Bits of Cheer & Countdown

It's the eve of the eve of Christmas Eve! Yeah I know totally lame. And this post is late and well I don't care. It's a post and its here.

Today's little bits of cheer and Christmas Countdown is an ode to my husband. Bless his heart he's been sick for over a week and finally went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a sinus infection and bronchitis.  He's all hopped up on meds now and on the road to recovery. But today, I share with you husbandisms. These things he says and does melt my heart.

  • Hair rubber band = hair tie, as in the tiny thing I put in E's hair for a ponytail which leads me to
  • Pony's Tail - yes, he totally thought I was saying I need to put her hair in a Pony's Tail not a ponytail
  • Leggings - his universal term for anything that looks like a legging, i.e. yoga pants, tights, pantyhose
  • When I come home from a hair appointment and I say do you like the color and he says I thought you said you were getting a hair cut (he does not realize hair appt. = color and cut)
  • snack - bagel, cream cheese, beef jerky, coffee and 2-3 Christmas cookies
  • watching a move - watching football or a show about football
  • getting dressed up = long sleeve shirt, instead of short sleeve
I'm sure I could think of a million more, but he's pretty amazing.  He is my bit of cheer. Coming home to a loving husband and father is a huge blessing.