Little Bits of Christmas Countdown Cheer

Today I am linking up with two of my blog besties to share in Holiday cheer. So join P!nky or Jess or both and let us know what brings cheer to your Christmas season.

I know Thanksgiving is over, but it officially kicks off the Holiday season and well brings so much joy to my life. I love coming back to V&D's house after lunch and lounging around while we wait to make a smaller Thanksgiving meal.  Everyone has their duty and well it always ends in giggles and a good time.  This year Haylee got anointed into the cooking.  And well, so did D and when you put the two of them together, you end up with the Doctor letting the 18 year old inject the rum cake with a syringe.


I also decided Wednesday night that I would cook for my mom and brother Friday... so off to the store I went at 9pm.

Ya know to get the essentials... turkey, dressing, baby food, beer.....

But you know its officially official when the tree is adorned and the stocking are hung by the chimney with care....

I just need to add some more ribbon and put up the upstairs tree and it will be Christmas in the Winter home!

Happy Holiday season all!