The Secret Life of Santa Haters

It's true. I know some of these people.  They live next door to you, attend church with you, heck they could be related to you. They seem normal from the outside and I bet they even have a finely decorated tree, the best ugly Christmas sweater, and will inevitably give the best gifts. But, they Santa hate.

I was totally unaware of this phenomenon until I read this post. And then I found more.... and more and more.

I get it. I do. Its your choice and you have your reasons. But I guess I was just so taken aback by the sentiment that people don't "do" Santa.  I think I was especially upset by the post on the New Orleans Mom Blog.  It just seemed harsh.  But, as a parent I respect each person's decisions when it comes to celebrating the season and making the best choices for their family.

So.... do you "do" Santa? How do you do it? Does Santa wrap his presents? Does he only bring small things so as not to make others feel unloved? Do you leave his cookies and milk?  Because this is our first Christmas with a baby, J and I are feeling out the whole Christmas with kids thing.  Are you a Santa hater? Santa lover? Or Santa indifferent?
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