What's Hap-"pinning" Wednesday

It's that time again to link up with Jenn and Jessi and tell us what's happening.

First of all, let's talk about what happened last night. I was rocking E while she had her night bottle and she was not having it.  She kept pushing it away and then crying because she wanted it.  Finally, I just gave up and rocked her and then it came.  She vomited the contents of dinner and her bottle, exorcist style all over me and her, the chair, the pillow, and pretty sure sophie who was laying below us.  So that completes the baby trifecta for me: pooped on, peed one, vomited on. Yay me!

But in other news... I have been into decorating our downstairs living room as of late.  I have done a total 180 on the style and have opted for a mid-century modern/eclectic look.  I knew we would be using this very traditional Persian rug I have, so that was my color pallet.

It's filled with red, blues, golds and some mauve.  I then found a steal of a couch on a local buy/sell page.

It's from Crate & Barrel and retails for $1700. I bought it for $300. It's a charcoal grey, with a touch of blueish tone, so it works perfectly. 

Then I was doing a little cyber Monday shopping and found this coffee table at Target.

 I only paid $79! Not the $189 its currently at.  It was super easy to put together and totally says mid-century modern.

Now I have my sights set on an accent table to go between two slipper chairs I have.

Thinking something like this....

These have that metal I love and I think will add to the eclectic nature of the room thus far.

I am also thinking of some geometric pattern accent pillow for the couch and then I'll need some drapes. Yes I said drapes people.  I have HUGE windows across the back of the couch, and I am thinking of just some sheer panels mainly to break up the wall.  We have 16 ft. ceilings so that wall needs something.

Promise to get some actual room shots once the tree is gone and I have a better view.  I am having problems deciding what to so on the wall where the tree is currently.  I have toyed with the idea of a loveseat or settee... and have my eye on this one from West Elm.

My problem is the layout of the room. We have a corner fireplace and it opens into the kitchen so just odd to design around.

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