What's Hap-pinning Wednesday.

Here it is, Wednesday before Christmas. It's my official last day at work before being off for a week (although we are technically open tomorrow). I have one big deadline to meet, but honestly I just need time off, away, brain shut down. This has been an exhausting year and now a little sore throat is trying to creep in so lathered in Theives and trying to just make it through today (I may have stopped and bought donuts for the office just so I could have 3 1). But alas, I am sharing our Christmas traditions.

Christmas Eve - We head to V&D's to open gifts with them and D's grandkids. It's a tad hectic with 4 impatient people trying to wait on the grownups, but oh well.  We open stocking first and always have the Christmas crackers (those things that pop and have a crown and small toys).

this is about 8 years old but you get the point
Then we take turns opening presents by age order (or at least as best we can with the littles).  We engage the younger ones by letting them becomes elves and pass out gifts.  We sip on wine and cheese and enjoy taking photos.  We always receive cozy socks and pjs from the animals, and my favorite are gifts that everyone has to open at the same time (because they are the same). We oh and ah and just enjoy the time.

After gifts we have our traditional tamale dinner complete with cheese enchiladas, rice, beans and Mexican chocolate mousse.

I used to open present Christmas day with V&D, but now that we travel to see J's family, we just do Christmas Eve.

Then, Christmas Day we are up early to catch a plane.  The last two years its been for Ohio, but this year, Florida. J's parents retired and moved and his brother and SIL also live there, so despite my " I have a baby come to  me" edict, we are flying Christmas day. Pray for me and my sanity.

We will most likely open present with my mom and brother early Christmas morning so they can see E have her first Christmas as well.

As for Christmas Day.... well its all new now with traveling to FL and the addition of E.  J's family has done away with gifts between each other and opted to only do gifts for E. (debate still out on how I feel about this). And well she is going to be spoiled.

This is a photo J's mom sent me... these are ALL for E. This does not count what his brother and SIL got her... We will need a sleigh to get these home.

Christmas is also my MIL's birthday so we always have birthday cake as dessert for dinner, which I think is a wonderful tradition.  It's a nice way to give her her own moment!

So, that is Christmas in a nutshell for us.

So, Merry Christmas from my family to yours!