9 Months

Evelyn Ray is 9 months olds!

Baby girl you are approaching the mark of more time on the outside than the inside! Wow, how time flies!

You are crawling like crazy, and love to climb over, under, around, through anything and everything.
You have 3 bottom teeth and you're working on two on the top.

This month you flew on you first airplane (and did pretty well), visited Grandma and Grandpa in Florida and celebrated you first Christmas.

You love food--any kind, but especially green beans, peaches and pears. You are way more into table food than baby food, so its been nice to just make one meal for the three of us.  You have tried chicken, meatballs, ravioli, and just about every vegetable I can find.

You are a little over 21 pounds and probably close to 29 inches tall (you appointment is today so we shall see).

You favorite activity is opening and closing anything (including the dog crate) and "petting" Sophie.  You also love to point at someone and expect them to point back at you. You also point at things you want now, like water, people, toys...

You also outgrew our infant carseat because you are so tall, so we have begun the big-girl carseat search (more on that tomorrow).

Speaking of growing, you are still able to wear some 9 month clothes, but we had to move to 12 month pjs because you are so tall.  And 12 month onsies give you a tad more room, but the leggings are still big on your little waist. Shoes, well mommy just cannot find real shoes that fit you, so you are comfy in your Zutano booties.

You are loving Little Gym now that you can climb on everything and you start music class at TCU today!  Evie Ray we love you so much. You are truly a bundle of fun!

LMWEvelyn, monthly update